It is a dynamic yoga developed with sequences of Asanas (postures) where the spiritual aspect is not missing. This practice is able to change the quality of life by eliminating tensions, closures, fears, stress, confusion, weaknesses and pains.

Lessons take place on a beautiful lakeside jetty while watching the sunset during the evenings or during the tranquillity of Sunday mornings.

We will also hold small events on a beautiful platform surrounded by greenery in the shade of a hundred-year-old horse chestnut tree. Come and visit us and you will have a unique and intense experience that will enable you to perceive the present moment more clearly.


20€ 1 hour lesson

For reservations

call the number +39 338 7578550, write via email or chat by pressing the Whatsapp icon in the bottom right-hand corner

Yoga equipment

Vinyasa yoga

Suitable for people of any age, gender and experience

Classes are open to all, you do not need to have any special requirements, if you do not have any experience just turn up and do your best.

It is recommended to dress comfortably and lightly, suitable for the physical activity, preferably clothing without buttons and zips so as to facilitate movement. Normally you practice barefoot, but you can wear non-slip socks if you wish.

A mat, water, a sweatshirt and a smile.

Practice on an empty stomach is recommended.

SUP Yoga