Since 1992

Federal School of Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding and Waterskiing

We are a sports association affiliated with CONI and the Italian Federation of Waterskiing Wakeboarding. We have thirty years of history. If you decide to try one of the many disciplines we know how to teach, you will be welcomed by certified instructors trained to follow every level of experience on the water.

Courses run by F.I.S.W. Instructors

The Disciplines

It will be great to tell you on the boat every detail of the discipline you decide to tackle.


To date, it is the most popular discipline! It arrived in Italy five years ago and has enamoured the most experienced thanks to the feeling of absolute freedom. Ah, it is practised without a rope ... believe us!


Born in the early 1990s, this discipline rewrote the rules of water skiing by bringing the creativity of freestyle and snowboarding to water travel.

the classics

The classic disciplines, i.e. those that have a decades-long tradition in Italy and are practised on two skis, on one ski only and involve jumping figures.

Wake Foil

The new frontier of fun behind the boat. Through the Wake Foil you can experience the sensation of flying over water.

Our Team

Flavio Lucini

Deus ex machina

The 'deus ex machina', the barefoot champion of the Lario. A bit gruff, but factotum with a heart this big. And if a boat has a problem, he is the solution.

Nicole Gini

School Manager

At the desk you will find the 'mother' of our club, the one from whom everything passes and to whom the sincerest thanks are addressed for the care and love she puts into every little detail.

Matthew Lucini

F.I.S.W. instructor

The champion of Lake Como, but don't tell him that because he blushes. He boasts more than one Italian championship on his shoulders and is now the technical reference for the club's masters.

Kimon Lucini

F.I.S.W. instructor

Precise and creative. Kimon has been driving the boat for over 15 years and greets every stranger with a smile. In the water he makes anyone ski...try to believe.

Paolo Gatti

Newcomer to the team because 'I can't live without the lake'. His passion infects even newbies who become Wakeboard lovers after his lessons.

Davide Aliverti

The classic twelve hours on the boat never stopped our club's long-standing instructor. He gives his heart and soul to his students, who will always remember every lesson he gives on the water.

Alessandro Serra

Always smiling and professional.
If you're scared or afraid to start, he'll always know how to get you back on the pontoon happily after you've learnt to surf!